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All too often mass produced equipment is not always ‘made to last’ or sometimes ‘accidents do happen’ and it can be necessary to repair equipment.  Or it might be something as simple as replacing some worn parts but our clients simply don’t have the time, knowledge or equipment in order to facilitate this.  We have a simple philosophy when it comes to equipment repair; “If the equipment is worth repairing then it should leave us stronger and better than when it was originally manufactured.”

Collectively Harbrook has well over 100 years’ worth of experience in repairing equipment and machinery.  We are able to undertake repairs in our workshop or on site if it is not practicable to transport the equipment to us.  We undertake repairs and breakdowns for a number of industries such as the quarrying industry, the food production industry and the agricultural industry.  We will always do our upmost to ensure our clients have minimal downtime.