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The Harbrook Engineering Ultra Double Axe was designed by Mike Harper who came up with the idea after years of splitting wood the back breaking way. The large work area is designed for efficiency, being able to support a single ton bag with the holder attachment on one side. On the other side of the machine is a hydraulically operated lifting table for that extra helping hand with large and awkward logs, if this is not needed it can be left up to create extra work space and storage area for ready to chop logs increasing your work flow.

Safety is paramount on a machine that you could potentially spend hours using. Trapping points have been made safer, hydraulic pipes have been hidden under a large guard and others if exposed have been fitted with suppression sleeves. This machine requires both hands to operate each ram and then only one hand to operate the return stroke allowing you to clear the product quickly maximising efficiency.

The twin ram splitter gives you a choice between a 10 ton and 20 ton ram. The 10 ton will cope with 90% of your wood, being smaller allows it to be quicker, when you find a piece it struggles with the 20 ton will soon get it cracked.

Different types of wood may require different blades, we can offer fast crack blade as-well as 4 way splitting blade along with the 2 standard blades which come with the machine. Blades are quick and easy to change because of the precision engineering techniques that go into making them (block milling and waterjet cutting). A convenient blade storage rack is fixed under the table to give you the options at all times.

The Ultra Duoble Axe is fitted with 3 point linkage brackets on the back so that it easy to move with a tractor. This machine does not have to run from a tractors hydraulics though, previous customers have used excavators, porta -packs and even a jcb 3cx to operate it, as long as it reaches the required LPM.

Check out the Ultra Double Axe in action: https://youtu.be/ierBHjko6K4

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Ultra Double Axe Log  Splitter Specification


Key features:

Twin Ram Design
10 Ton & 20 Ton

Our Log Splitter has the choice of 2 rams, a 10 ton & 20 ton 90% of your wood would be split with the 10 ton and then for the horrible knotty material the 20 ton will slice through

Unique Blade Design

Our unique design provides an accurate, consistent cutting action and blades are easily interchangeable with the built in quick release. Different blades are available to better handle specific materials.

Safety Guards

The unit has 2-handed use and guarded pipes  for safety. The unit only needs one hand for the return stroke to help speed the process up for greater efficiency.

Large Working Area

The main working area is at the perfect height  with an additional large loading table to lift heavy and awkward logs.