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The Harbrook Engineering Ultra Scraper offers a fully independent floating design allowing it to scrape the most uneven surfaces. This telescopic scraper is a more time efficient and cost effective alternative to the conventional lighter duty scrapers. With the ability to Push or Pull and capability of clearing a passage way in one pass from 2.4 metres to 4.4 metres (16 foot) it really could save you that little bit more time you were looking for. Loosing the conventional string mechanism and replacing it with the quicker and more controlled alternative, the hydraulically operated telescopic arms allow for a much heavy duty build quality. With the unique rail design of the head stock allowing any mounting brackets to be (Q-fit loader brackets, 3 point linkage A-frame and many more - just specify when placing your order).

Ultra Scraper - unfolded
Scraper Ram
Galvanised headstock
Galvanised headstock
Ultra Scraper - folded
Telescopic Arms
Telescopic Arms
Pressed wings and T pins
50mm thick rubber
Greasable pins 3 point linkage
Hardox wear strip
Hardox wear strip

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Scraper Specifcations


Key features:

Heavy Duty Construction

Our machines are designed to withstand the elements and provide reliable results year round.

Push or Pull

Our machines have the ability to Push or Pull and capability of clearing 14ft (4.4metres) passage way in one pass.

Floating Headstock Design

With universal headstock mounting rails.

Increased Durability

Each unit features hardly wear strips, galvanised components, 50mm tick durable scraper rubber, pressed wings for strength and parts are fully greaseable for increased longevity.

Simultaneous Opening & Closing

Fitted with 50/50 hydraulic splitter valve for simultaneous opening & closing.

Telescopic Arms...

Allowing the arms to slide, means it can go from 2.4 metres to a full working width of 4.4 metres.