Manufactured for
strength and simplicity

The Harbrook Engineering Ultra Pusher has a modular design where each component can be adjusted to suit each machine and set up. With two forms of width adjustment and being able to fine tune the working angle due to the 5º and 10º (degree) increments on the blade. The headstock with its bolt on rail design can be fitted with any mounting brackets whether it be bobcat, Q-fit or a simple A-Frame. The ambidextrous design allows you to work off either side. Keeping the feed in front of the cows is essential, with a blade length of 2500mm made from 50mm thick durable rubber it will leave an impressive finish your animals would thank you for.

Silage Pusher
5-10 degree increments
50mm thick durable rubber
Sliding rail for maximum adjustment
Universal head stock brackets
Ambidextrous swinging arm design

Key features:

Heavy Duty Construction

Our machines are designed to withstand the elements and provide reliable results year round.

Easily Adaptive

The machine has an ambidextrous design, a sliding rail headstock for maximum sideways adjustment and 5º and 10º (degree) blade adjustment.

Universal Headstock Mounting

Our unique head stock mounting allows it to be mounted on any machine in a very simple, clean and efficient way. 

Increased Durability

Each unit features a 2500mm long blade and 50mm thick durable rubber.