Built to
your specification

The Harbrook Engineering Silage Compator has become more and more popular over the last few years with increasing demand in the farming and renewable energy industries. Quality in the clamp has become more essential than ever, and by using a silage compactor it becomes much easier to consolidate each layer and roll nearer the sides increasing the overall compaction which also leads to a higher dry matter in the feed of up to 40% compared to a conventional tractor rolling method. None the less these heavy duty implements are a proven way to increase feed quality, utalise clamp space and decrease overal time and fuel consumption. 

Our compactors use train wheels and are fully fabricated and finished in our workshops here in Cheshire (uk). We can build to your specification from the list of widths and wieghts listed making the it the perfect match to your buck-raking setup. 

Key features:

Heavy Duty Construction

Our machines are designed to withstand the elements and provide reliable results year round.

Easy/Low Maintenence

With less time spent on maintenance, you can spend more time on what matters. Each wheel is greaseable increasing the longevity.


We manufacture each unit to your specified width/weight so you can be confident that it will meet your requirements and provide maximum efficiency.

Increase Clamp & Feed Quality

Using our silage compactor can increase dry matter in the feed up to 40% compared to a conventional tractor rolling method. Our machines also leave an impressive and quality finish on the clamp.

Fuel Efficient

By increasing yields and speeding up the rolling process, you will have a decrease in fuel consumption.