Your soloution to tool &
component storage

Our John Deere step replacement toolboxes provide a simple and seamless solution to tool and component storage. Having safe, easy access to all your tools can potentially save you the call out cost of a dealer to remove a component you can now do yourself, or as simple as carrying extra mower blades, shear bolts or hedge-cutter flails and impact gun. Made from 3mm mild steel, drawn on the latest CAD software, folded using out CNC brake press and painted in our heatable spray booth for a high gloss finish.


Avaliable for R-Series John Deere's: 6155R, 6175R, 6195R, 6215R.

Maximise Safety

Removing items from the cab floor creates a tidier and safer working environment for the operator.

Being able to carry extra tools and spare parts allows you to repair breakdowns in the field or on farm.

The fit and finish of our toolboxes match the design of your vehicle - you'll wonder why it wasn't always there!